Oliver Wetter
Fantasio Girls
The Pin-up art of Fantasio

The Pin-up art of Fantasio

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About Me

My civil name is Oliver, I create worlds out of briefings and love to tell visual stories.

Currently I┤m working as freelance illustrator specialized in cover artworks for editorials, book cover art, magazines and concept, art preferable figure and portrait related.

Currently living and working in Germany,
I┤m experienced with conducting working relationships via phone and email, my preferred language is English and German.

Official website: fantasio.info

Publication Features

Gothic Art Now! features Fantasio
Project magazine, / Art catalog feature
Advanced Photoshop Magazine runner up
Inside Artzine # 14 artist feature
Exotique 2+5 artist feature
ExposÚ 2 artist feature
ExposÚ 3 artist feature
ExposÚ 4 artist feature
ExposÚ 8 artist feature

Publication Features

Sci-fi Art Now! features 2 works
Artscene international, artist feature
Tutorial, in Artscene international Mag.
Digital Painter #2 Artbook
Erotic Signature 2+3
Painter Artbook feature
Heavy Metal artist portfolio
Inspirations Vis-a-vis
Obscene Seduction Artbook
Imagine FX
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